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The AK Microblading Training Academy is proud to offer the most advanced and supportive training available. Microblading has quickly become the highest sought after treatment in the beauty industry. This treatment gives the opportunity to add fullness and definition to any brow. With the high demand and interest in this treatment, along with the repeat treatment opportunities – it provides a great career opportunity to individuals that would like to progress in their beauty career, or to those looking to enter into the beauty industry.

Our course is designed to train and develop you to the highest standards of work in the industry! After attending the 2-day in-class training, you will then move on to our post course development program to further development and enhance the skills you have learned. This is segmented into 2 sections: practicing the hair stroke method on false skins, and completing 5 case studies. You will begin with sending photos of your practice work in false skins to the Master Trainer. Here you will receive continuous and dedicated coaching until you reach that high standard of work. Once your brow strokes reach a high standard on false skins, you will then move on to completing your case studies. Upon completing 5 successful case studies, you will receive your full certification in Microblading. This post course support and development is one of many important elements in where our Academy’s training program is set above many others, and is how we are able to train to the high standard of work we are committed to! Our goal is to see our students completed and fully qualified within 1-2 months of attending the course.


Booking & coursE info

For further course information, please email info@aktrainingacademy.com or call 07921 549236


Everyone knows that your treatment results will only be as good as the products you use. This is why our Academy has decided to use the industry’s best microblades – Tina Davies Professional. We only use, train and equip our starter kits with Tina Davies Professional Microblades.

Where ART and ENGINEERING meet


The Starter Kit that you receive with our Microblading Certification Course is equipped with the best microblades and pigments in the industry. With our Academy’s commitment to health and safety, we proudly provide our students with every tool and product that is required to perform a safe and hygienic treatment in our starter kits. We firmly believe this is the best way to ensure our students start their Microblading careers with the right practices and with confidence. You will not find a better starter kit anywhere!


AK Microblading Training Academy is proud to offer our students comfortable payment plan options. This will allow students to enrol into the earliest course dates of their choice, giving them an option to get their career in Microblading started as soon as possible.


AK Microblading Training Academy
Regal Buildings, First Floor,
North Yorkshire,
BD23 2LT
tel: 07921 549236



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